Boyce, Robert
Robert Boyce & Co.
Business: 720-339-2085
Web: robboyce.com
Email: rob@robboyce.com
Surveillance, research, insurance fraud, missing persons, stalker detection, asset searches, infidelity searches

Cottrell, Dave
Attorney Support Services, LLC
Business: 720-373-4017
Process Service, Skip Tracing
Email: cap10dave@aol.com

Dell, Jan
JanDell Investigations
Business: 719-231-8921
Web: www.jandellinvestigations.com
Email: jdcopi@aol.com
Locate witnesses, heirs, defendants, assets, real estate research, discovery research, fraud/deception, backgrounds, interviews, OSINT, service of process

DeLong, Lanie
JLD Investigations and Securities, LLC
Business: 720-507-9160
Web: www.jld1020.com
Email: lanied@jld1020.com
Family Law, Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Criminal, Civil

Hallquist, Kris
Hallquist & Associates, LLC
Business: 303-670-8932
Web: www.hallquistassoc.com
Email: kris@hallquistassoc.com
Family Law, Asset Searches, Background Checks, Litigation, Missing Persons

Jamison, Ron
Swift Process Servers, LLC
Business: 303-514-7474
Web: www.swiftprocessservers.com
Email: service@swiftps.com
Skip Tracing, Business Accounts, Locating Assets, Surveillance, Witness Statements

Jenkins, William
Jenkins Investigations
Business: 720-287-1198
Email: service@swiftps.com
Surveillance, Interviewing, Skip Tracing, Financial Documents Analysis

Johnson, Rick
Rick Johnson & Associates of Colorado, Inc.
Business: 303-296-2200
Web: www.denverpi.com
Email: rick@denverpi.com
Business, Family Law, Background Investigations, Complex Issues

Lowstuter, Thomas
Tally Ho
Business: 888-701-0563
Web: tallyho-services.com
Email: info@tallyho-services.com
Tailored support for victims of Discrimination, Defamation, Conspiracy, & Injustice

Peterson, Shannon
Slip Investigations
Business: 720-218-6660
Web: www.slipinvestigations.com
Email: info@SLiPInvestigations.com
Missing Persons, Criminal Defense, Skip Trace, Unsolved Homicide

Smith, Craig
BrightStar Investigations
Business: 303‑357‑3262
Web: brightstarinvestigations.com
Email: craig@brightstarinvestigations.com
Background Investigations, Surveillance, OSINT, Criminal Defense, Skip Tracing

Stratmeyer-Kennedy, Sandy
Confidential Criminal Investigations.
Business: 719-660-0148
Email: stratmeyercci@gmail.com
Interviewing, Report Writing, Fingerprinting, Forensic Photography, Crime Scene Reconstruction and Analysis

Strunk, Kyle
Flatirons Private Investigations
Business: 720-724-7374
Web: www.flatironspi.com
Email: investigations@flatironspi.com
Family Law, Background Investigations, Surveillance, Locating Missing Persons

Thighe, Craig
5280 Tactical Solutions, LLC
Business: 303-990-5903
Email: 5280tacticalsolutions@gmail.com
Aviation, Surveillance, Undercover Work, General Investigations, Process Service

Trussell, Jan
Moonstone Investigations
Business: 720-443-3192
Email: moonstoneinvestigations@gmail.com
Adoption Services, Infidelity, Domestic Issues, Surveillance

Warner, Kelsey
Arrowhead Investigations
Business: 724-277-6974
Web: http://www.arrowheadinvestigationsco.com/
Email: warner@arrowheadinvestigationsco.com
Surveillance, OSINT, Research, Undercover Work, Process Service

Wells, Chris
Scout Computer Forensics, Inc.
Business: 970-368-5752
Web: https://www.linkedin.com/company/scout-computer-forensics-inc-
Email: chris.wells@scoutcomputerforensics.com
Computer Forensics, Cell Phone Forensics, Vehicle System Forensics, Digital Evidence, Cybersecurity


Alvarado, Marco
Email: marcocomedian@gmail.com

Brown, Dawn
Email: dawn_ruth@yahoo.com

Gentry, David
Email: gentryt@comcast.net
Disability Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Infidelity

Luzader, Dan
Business: 303-902-9050
Email: dluzadder@gmail.com
Political Investigations, Public Corruption and Malfeasance, Criminal Cold Case, Corporate Fraud

McCormick, Robert
Robert McCormick, Attorney at Law
Corruption, Public and Private (Oil and Gas, Water),
Asylum - Convention Against Torture,
Criminal Defense with Immigration Consequences

Whitrock, Aaron
Email: acwhitrock@ymail.com


Roberts, Jeffrey
Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition
Business: 720-274-7177
Web: coloradofoic.org
Email: jroberts@coloradofoic.org
A non-partisan alliance of news organizations, groups and individuals.